Garlic- Remedy For Ringworm


Once in a lifetime, everybody encounters this contagious fungal infection known as ringworm. It is like a patch in the shape of a ring that is visible directly on the skin. It can be irritating and itchy. Treating ringworm is essential as it might spread on the skin and increase the problem. visit website to explore natural remedies for this issue. According to, there are different types of ringworm infection, and a few natural resources do work against it, Check here.

Ringworm is visible; however, the beginning might be with red rashes. You will be able to feel a raised portion of skin in the shape of a ring. These are flat and itchy skin area infected with fungus. It is contagious and therefore treatment should be done as soon as possible.

General treatment includes the use of topical antifungal therapies in the form of powder or cream. There are many alternate solutions also available for natural treatment of ringworms. In some cases, physical remedies have proved to be helpful. The best solution is said to be a paste of garlic applied to the infected area. It must be used twice or thrice a day. Doctors even tell that rubbing garlic clove on the skin can also help get rid of the infection.

Steps For Naturally Treating The Ringworm
Take some garlic from your kitchen and use one clove at a time to prepare a paste. Use pestle and mortar to crush the clove and add three ounces of honey and olive oil each in the baste. Make sure to blend well and create a thick paste. When the dough is ready, you should apply it directly to the skin where the infection has occurred. Use your fingers to massage the paste into the infected skin area. Leave the paste for nearly an hour after you rub it well. Massaging helps the dough to penetrate the skin and show effects faster. After an hour or so wash away the past using warm water. You can apply it three to four times a day.

After the application is started, you must wait for a week or two and monitor the condition of the infection. If the situation doesn’t start getting better, then consult a doctor. Tell the doctor about your approach to naturally treat the disease. Before beginning the treatment also, you must talk to the doctor once and tell the doctor about the natural treatment you want to do. Depending on the extent of the infection your doctor will suggest you something better.

Garlic will not lead to any infection when applied topically as many people eat garlic to help them with other health issues such as high B.P. Hence there are no worries about the side effect of this small herb commonly available in our household. Everybody uses it for cooking in their kitchen. Next time if you get the infection give this natural remedy a try and you will save money on medicines and get instant relief from the disease.

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