Fact About New Water Filtration Device

Water is packed with essential minerals and drinking water daily gives you plenty of health benefits. You must make sure whether you drink clean and purified water since the normal water may contain bacteria, dirt, chemicals and not clean all the times. So it is better to drink purified water. You can check the importance of drinking purified water from the website https://virginpure.com/top-5-health-benefits-drinking-purified-water/.

Turapur water pitcher is a newly designed water filtration device that makes hydrogen-rich water that claims to be good for your health. It looks and operates like other water filtration systems. Just pour pipe water on the pitcher’s top, and see it get filtered and come out from the bottom of the pitcher. The key different from this pitcher and other water pitchers are it makes hydrogen-rich water.

You must understand that it is a water filtration system that includes hydrogen ions to the water and not a water purifier. The manufacturer’s claims that this water makes you feel energized more and also it decreases the aging effects on your body. This is because of the use of special mineral layers like magnesium in the filter. Once water passes through the mineral layers, it gets hydrogen ions. Once the minerals hit the water, chemical reactions happens to make hydrogen ions.

Hydrogen ions play a crucial role since they support to balance free radicals in your body. Balancing free radicals are essential for your body since the free radical compounds make oxidative damage and can stimulate health problems in your body. You can fight against free radical damage with antioxidants such as vegetables, fruits etc.

The hydrogen ions produced in this water pitcher give you a powerful antioxidant water to drink every day. Rather than eating vegetables and fruits you can drink water from this water pitcher daily. It helps you to decrease the aging process, decreases the possibilities of diseases, and increases your energy level.

You have heard that drinking water is healthy and drinking hydrogen ion rich water of this device is much healthier than that. To produce hydrogen ion rich water this device has two stages. In the first stage, NSF-approved activated carbon is used in the first layer and this helps to eliminate the bad odor and taste from the water. The Ion exchange resin in the second stage makes the water softer like the softener in your home works. These two layers improve the taste of the water.

In the second stage, special minerals are used to give rich taste to the water and remove the hydrogen content using three elements including infrared ceramics, magnesium and tourmaline. Magnesium free the hydrogen from the water and the oxygen in the water combines with magnesium. The infrared ceramics and tourmaline supports to free up more amount of hydrogen from the water.

Tourmaline is a gemstone which can make the water hydrogen rich and also the antioxidant required for young look. The device is available for sale in the manufacturer’s website. You can buy it from their online store and change the filter once in 60 days.

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